reclame is a project space initiated by artist Lisa Sudhibhasilp that physically limits itself to a street advertisement board. The board is placed outdoors in front of the artist’s studio, temporarily hosted in a former shop, in the shopping centre Boven ’t Y on Buikslotermeerplein. Artists and designers are invited to react to this peculiar presentation context, the display conditions and the public of walkers-consumers.


Jungmyung Lee


19.06 – 04.07.2021

For the first reclame presentation, Jungmyung Lee proposes a visual translation of “hamstering”. This expression, originating from the German Hamsterkauf, found use as hamsteren in the Netherlands during WW1 and was eventually co opted by Albert Heijn as a marketing slogan. Most recently, the notion was revived during the lockdown due to the negative effects of individual stockpiling. For Lee, this panic buying starts with the visual abundance of promotional messages intended to lure consumers. As a result, her overloaded, and thus absurd collage, proves to be inefficient and furthermore becomes an anti-marketing strategy in and of itself.

Jungmyung Lee is a typographer from South Korea interested in the intersection of human emotions and typographic forms. She manifests that typefaces have other interests besides words and her primary focus is telling stories and exploring the life of typefaces and their emotions.


Lisa Sudhibhasilp

A window with an idea

10.04 – 08.05.2021

For the first display and as an introduction to the project, Sudhibhasilp proposes to contemplate the object itself. The blue colour represents a generic space of the empty, like a background standard. By displaying the board entirely empty and blue, the object gains a new presence in contrast to the usual invisibility of its structure.

Lisa Sudhibhasilp (1989, FR) has developed her work and research around the concept of display. Researching how commodities, artefacts or artworks are presented and which procedures are employed to give them value, she uses – and re-uses – certain structures and aesthetics to question the status and hierarchy of the object shown, blurring the line between objects that are seen as displays and displays that are seen as objects.